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Photographic images of the town of Paris
Photographic images of the regional Natural reserve of the Perche
images photographiques et photographies de l'Auvergne (Massif central)
Photograph of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart (Sacré-Coeur) Photograph of place of the Harmony (Place de la Concorde) Photograph of the Cathedral Our-injury from Paris (Notre Dame de Paris) Photograph of the Richelieu passage - Richelieu Wing of the Museum of the Louvre, Palais du Louvre - Paris Photograph of the garden of Tileries (jardin des Tuileries) Panoramic photograph of the Pantheon Panoramic photograph of the garden of Luxembourg Photograph of the Museum of Orsay Photography of the Bridge Alexandre III Artistic photograph of the place Bridge (Pont-Neuf) Artistic photograph of the Dauphine place Photograph separation of the Church and the State, Vault of the Museum of Arts and Trades Panoramic photograph of the head office of the U.N.E.S.C.O. Panoramic photograph of the Leon public garden  Photograph of the mint, 11 quay of Conti Artistic photography of the National Opera of Paris, the Garnier opera

Artistic photography of the January 5, 1875, inauguration of the National opera of Paris, the opera Garnier
January 5, 1875, inauguration of the National opera of Paris, the opera Garnier
20/2.34°- 48.87°/05.01.2004/14H09 - 15H27 T.U.
Operated National of Paris, the Garnier opera - 8 street scribe - 75009 Paris - Island-of-France - France
Europe - northern Hemisphere - Earth - Solar system - Milky Way
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January 5, 1875 takes place the inauguration of the Opera of Paris in the presence of the president of the Republic, the Patrice marshal of Mac-Mahon. It acts of the thirteenth room of opera built in Paris since the foundation of this institution by Louis XIV in 1669. The project of Charles Garnier, an unknown architect 35 years carries the favours of the jury. With the Eugenie empress who asked him of which style it acted, the architect answered: "But... of Napoleon III, Madam!". Ordered by the emperor Napoleon III, construction is committed in 1860 by the baron Haussmann, prefect of police force of 1853 to 1870. This last directs the restoration of the center of Paris and its peripheral districts. It transforms the capital into an immense building site, boring and destroying constructions, in order to give him the aspect that we know to him today. Its objective: to connect the stations the ones to the others by broad boulevards and to constitute a "great crossing" enters the North-South axis and the East-West axis of Paris. The Garnier Opera remains the only representative of this style baroque in Paris which one finds elements in the achievements of the Third Republic. Its frontage is decorated sculptures of Carpeaux illustrating the world of the opera, like the Music and the Dance.

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